Universal Thrivers Day 12272022

Universal Thrivers Day 2022

Today is Universal Thrivers Day; inheriting some of its lineage through Boxing Day;feeding away the emotional pain away from its people.


All people are in pain not just some.


It’s a refreshing thing to see so many people come together in a good way. We have a long journey ahead and here is to all generations thriving through.


The celebrations these people have are just not your way or theirs; those of you that don’t know, never will.  You know it’s the carriage though that we focus on as thrivers bring the value they’re speaking of over time; you know people evolve, so today we celebrate with the thrivers…


This years’ Who is a Thriver? author is here


This quote below is from the

first Who is a Thriver? on 12/27/2007


“ We don’t need none of your pain or sorrow or pity or feed; thrivers have found a way to fulfill all of the need. Creeds’ not borrowed and Creeds’ not broke;finding times we prevailed by way of painful stoke.”


We are in interesting times my friends.


In other news; I heard a story. Is it true that if you put some of that stuff in storage and start anew at some point the hard drive won’t be able to be opened anymore and you’ll be free from it?


Can you share any thoughts on this?



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